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22 October 2008


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Dude: we said light reading, remember? FUNNY? I'm thinking The Lottery and Ivanhoe might not be high on the scale of amusing. However. Ivanhoe. Huh. I missed that one in school.

Okay, okay, thinking.


(Although if we're doing not funny, we can do one of C.S. Lewis' SF novels, or Virginia Woolf's Orlando.)


(Ooh! Ooh! Once we said we'd do that L.M. Montgomery... um... The Blue something... Wait, let me find it...)

Nic Dempsey

The Blue Castle


Oh! Can I second The Blue Castle? I love that book so much!


The Blue Castle sounds pretty good, though I am not an AOGG fan. I've never read Candide or Lucky Jim, but I hear they're funny. And I can ALWAYS re-read Cold Comfort Farm. My list vote is Ivanhoe. Please, please not The Lottery.


Oops. I forgot about that light reading thing. Ivanhoe is light! And also rad. For reals. And The Lottery has 25 stories in it, which works out to about one a weekday for the month of November. Titus Groan, I have no real defense for, other than that I've wanted to read it for a really long time.

I want to read The Blue Castle, too, but is it the sort of book that lends itself to a longterm Big Read? Is it one for which we should maybe do a shorter week-long Mini Read? (I haven't read it*, so that's a serious question.)

I read Cold Comfort Farm pretty recently, but that would have been a great choice for a comic novel. A patron took Lucky Jim out a while back and he said it was supposed to be hilarious. I wasn't there when he brought it back, though, so I don't know what his verdict was. It did turn up on that Cracked list, though.

*I know, I know.


Ivanhoe is light? For serious?
...okay, then...

I don't know how long The Blue Castle is, either...

Electric Landlady

The Blue Castle goes pretty quickly. And I luuurves it. (I have read it about 5 times, though, so maybe not the most appropriate Big Read for me...)


The Eragon series!!! LOVE these books--they might be in the young adult section, but-um, they are 700 pages each (about) and written as well as any other book I've ever read. EVER.


uhh well we could do light yet dignified and read vanity fair. Thats a really good book and I found that not everything goes right over your head in it... just a suggestion. Otherwise Ivanhoe could be good, I did see the movie when I was in the 8th grade.


Titus Groan! Titus Groan!

(I hated Lucky Jim. It's from the humiliation school of humor and I just can't deal with that. Also, I'm a reluctant academic, so . . . you know, a lot of the satire isn't actually satire.)


The Blue Castle! I don't think it would count as a mini-read, but definitely quicker than A Tale of Two Cities.

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