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29 October 2008


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What is WITH the Lottery chick bazongas!?
I'm going to try and find this --- but no guarantees; the library has virtually NO old books that aren't Robbie Burns, and bookstores here even are kind of lame.


Oooh, yay! Shirley Jackson is my favorite writer, and every time I pass Macy's I giggle thinking of "My Life with R.H. Macy." And "Of Course" is one of the creepiest things out there.

Gail Gauthier

You do know that Shirley Jackson was a teenage obsession of mine, right? And I own a copy of The Lottery, Adventures of the Daemon Lover, though not, thank God, with that cover. I am in, in, in!!

Lady in a Smalltown

I voted for this one, but I totally couldn't figure out what was going one with the cover until you posted the big version. I assume it is associated with Demon Lover.

My fifth grade teacher read us Charles and The Lottery. We even had a group discussion about The Lottery. I was obsessed with it, but I couldn't remember the author or title. When I was in high school a friend found a script in our English teacher's classroom and told me he thought I should read it. It was The Lottery. Now I have several of her books. I can't wait to read these again.


I have no idea what that book cover is all about, but it's the complete opposite of what I remember "The Lottery" being like, so of course I love it. (And I haven't read "The Daemon Lover" yet, so I hadn't made the connection! Hopefully it'll all become clear on Monday...)

I love Shirley Jackson. And I'm so happy to be reading with you guys! While I do all of the my Cybils reading! And my book group stuff! And the Heyer! And the Ellen Emerson White series! And that Scott Westerfeld duo! And... and... just, yay yay yay!

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