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27 October 2008


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Maureen E

I'm reading through Georgette Heyer, but I haven't gotten to this one yet. Sounds like it'll be a doozy.

Nic Dempsey

I'm looking forward to hearing what you think about the other two. My favourite is 'An Infamous Army' but for other reasons.


I'm glad you mentioned the crazy. I love the crazy!! This and Devil's Cub (the sequel) are my favorite Heyers. They have everything I love about her other books, plus an extra dash of crazy, improbable, melodramatic goodness. It's like someone merged typical Heyer with a Maureen Johnson blog post. Soooo awesome.


It's my #2 favorite Heyer, running a very close second to Frederica.
But I adore this book so much! In fact, I just re-read it earlier this month.


I adore Georgette Heyer. Hers were some of the first books I remember checking out from the "grownup" section of the library. I had read everything in the young adult sections and my mom thought I might like them. I just finished "These Old Shades" a couple of days ago!

Not too long ago, I started to read "The Black Moth" which is Heyer's very first novel. The characters seemed suspiciously like those in "These Old Shades." Sure enough, she liked the characters in "The Black Moth" so much that she transformed them and transferred them to "These Old Shades!" I don't think "The Black Moth" is the best of her books, but considering she was still in her teens when she wrote it and it is still in print, that's quite an accomplishment.
P.S. For a crazy, improbable, plot try "The Masqueraders." It's also early Heyer and I loved it.


Great review! I'm adding a link to your review on my review of this book. It is a weird/crazy/soap plot, isn't it!


I LOVE this book and its secondary characters, esp. the Merivales. In fact, after I finished it, I was so sure that there had to be a Heyer book out there describing how the Merivales had gotten together (and how Justin had almost ruined the match) that I searched Heyer websites for several days trying to find it. It doesn't exist, alas, but it's fun to imagine.


That would be excellent! I can just imagine a young and dastardly Justin!

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