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20 October 2008


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Oh! I need that shirt! It would drive my friend insane!


I'm going to start making 'em again, so just email me what you'd like and I'll get on it.

Kelly Fineman

How can it possibly be mean? Real vampires DON'T sparkle. Heh.


Oh! I need that pillow of Harriet!!! Will it be in the shop or is it just for you? Please say the shop! :)


Oh, awesome shirts AND pillows. I am in deep envy.


Please, please, please put the shirt on sale!! I need to wear one! I teach at a high school, and the girls INSIST that vampires sparkle and will one day save them from their boring lives!


I totally need a shirt like that. Awesome.


How on earth do you make those pillows? The Harriet one is the best. I notice references to your shop too, but I don't see a link?


I want, NEED a Harriet pillow! It's my favorite children's book of all time. Please tell us how you made it or where we can get one!


You are so creative! I want a shirt to wear to my library Twilight party! (insert evil laugh here!)
I love Harriet the Spy!

Shooting Stars

I love twilight, but i still think the shirt is hilarious. those pillows are super awesome, by the way!!!


contest on the blog. come and chat!


Gee, sell enough pillows and you can buy another chair.


I think that shirt is awesome. But I also think those books are not that great. Why on earth would a vampire sparkle? It's a creature of the night... all about sneaking up on you and biting you on the neck! Kids today need to watch more Buffy. The Angels in this world are few and far between.

Sarah I.

I too want to know how you made the pillows. Very cool. :)


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So weird--I was just thinking about my "Real Vampires Don't Sparkle" shirt minutes before seeing yours in my google search for Harriet the Spy. (I must say that I love google that way!)
Anyhow, you are way too crafty! I think I will steal some of your magic talent and maybe I will be able to finish all of my half finished paintings and knitting projects.
And I agree with Me (poster of the 22 of October). More people need to watch Buffy. Not only is she the epitome of kick-butt feminism, but the show is moralizing on issues much deeper than dating and abstinence.
And as my preaching has thoroughly bored you to sleep, I conclude this comment, mentioning that it is some sort of ailment of mine that makes it compulsory to always write much more than necessary.
Love those pillows! I think I will be making some soon,

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