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20 November 2008


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Oh thank GOD. I'm so over The Angst.


I'm skipping the review for now because I'm starting this book tonight, but I did glimpse your all caps declaration(s) of book-love, so now I'm really excited.


I'm sold.


Ooh, I have to admit that a.) I love much of Susan Juby, and b.) I *love* those shoes. That and a review that uses the word "stand-out?" Oh, goodie!


I read your review and decided I had to get this book - went to my lovely local bookshop and guess what - this book has not been released in Australia yet!!! They very kindly ordered it in for me and I now have it clutche din my hot little hands. Can't wait to start it!
By the way, while trying to find this post again I read your review of The President's Daughter and I'm off to find that tomorrow. Thanks so much for the suggestions.
(Hve you read 'The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian'?)(Sherman Alexie)

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