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03 November 2008


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I love them too! I miss turkeys; here, though, I see PHEASANTS like this. Just... on the side of the road. Wandering in large crowds. Scaring the crap out of me by exploding out of low bushes.

It's so bizarre and cool.


Hurray for turkeys!! I saw a bunch in a field this morning as well. That always makes me think of a line from Trading Spaces - "It's no fun being a jive turkey this close to Thanksgiving!"


We had a flock of ELEVEN in our front yard Saturday morning -- watched them cross our (busy) street safely, then cross back and head into the neighbor's yard. Then Ellie said she wanted a turkey sandwich for lunch . . .


I am fairly certain they are plotting to steal that John Deere tractor and go joy riding. Turkeys are like that. Hooligans the bunch (gaggle? flock?) of them!


I had to stop while a flock of about twenty crossed the road a couple months back. What struck me was how beautiful they were - the colors were very striking.

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