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10 November 2008


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I think the main lack of swooniness is not EP's fault--it's just that they're already together when they begin, so . . . Where's the tension? Still, not my favorite for other reasons as well (general flatness as I noted before) but what an ending, and truly Schimdt makes up for all possible inadequacies.


I think that was a big part of the lack of tension, but Peabody and Emerson always make me swoon (and not just when Emerson has amnesia, I swear!) even though they're married... Anyway, yeah, it seemed flat to me, too. But the ending really did make up for any problems. The utter coolness of A-Z almost killed me, and EP pulled off the Mysterious Lady bit -- there aren't many authors who could get away with that, I think.

Also, the bit about him wearing the replica of the Ring just made me howl. It was so perfect, somehow, that he would fall in love with those movies.


I attributed the lack of swooniness to the fact John was in a rotten mood for most of the book. (EP has never been shy about putting her character relationships through rough patches.) Under normal conditions, he must bring the swoon regularly--otherwise I think Vicky would have given him the heave.


I know you posted this ages ago, but I just finished Laughter and can't tell you how delighted I am to have found this little corner of the internet where other people are swooning over John and Vicky. THANK YOU. Also: OMG the end of this book!! This series!!!!! Elizabeth Peters overall!!!!!!

That's all.

*runs off doing glee dance, grinning hopelessly over the last page of the book*

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