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22 December 2008


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Um, Book of A Thousand Days, historical fiction? Wha?


Graceling should totally be on that list. It was fantastic!! How sad.


Yeah, I submitted a list and even went and voted, but I was really disappointed on how it all came together. Some of the categories were off, and others made no sense. And they left off a whole ton of books. Oh, well. That's what happens when it's done democratically...

E. M.

Oh my. This is terrible. I didn't know about this book poll/award, but I'm very sad for Graceling & Kristin (who is just as awesome as her book). How did it not even make the list??


"Based on this list, Stephenie Meyer and Neil Gaiman were the authors of choice this year."

Enough said.

Amy @ My Friend Amy

I hadn't even read many of the books on the any of the lists. I don't think it's possible to get a true consensus like this, but it was a nice effort. (similar to how The Host ended up the best book during BBAW)

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