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01 December 2008


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See,I wish Buffy were still on so they could make fun of all these YA vampire novels. I'd love to hear Spike pick on some Twilight lovers...


Oh, man. Pre-chip Spike would have rolled around in glitter and then gone hunting.



Hahahah! I kind of had this reaction to the FIRST PC Cast novel. I cannot understand their popularity, yet I know that they ARE popular, and people who are desperate for a vampire fix WILL read them.

sigh. And I do miss Spike. So snarky. So blond.


Have you really read THREE of them?


Yep. I've read three. And I just put an ILL request in for the fourth. I don't know what is wrong with me.

I miss Spike. But now that I'm a grown up (sort of...), I actually prefer Angel. (Still hate Riley.) So I've been having fun lately watching David Boreanaz on Bones. (Hulu has become my tv lifeline.)


I've read all four. They are the absolute worst books that I have ever read. Okay maybe just four is the worst. I'm actually selling them on half.com just to have them out of my house. If they don't sell soon, I'm donating them. Ridiculous.

Maureen E

If I, the heathen, find it semi-offensive that the only Christians in this series are complete lunatic bigot freaks, I can't imagine how someone who was actually remotely religious would feel while reading it.

THANK YOU. It makes me slightly sick when people do this. Talk about judgmental.

I think part of why it bothers me is that I feel pre-judged. Like, no matter who am I or what I say or what I actually stand for, the label Christian is going to come with a set of stereotypes that immediately gets applied to me. And really, they're reactions against a certain type of Protestantism and a certain type of Catholicism and not my branch of Christianity (Eastern Orthodox) at all.

Sorry to go on a soap-box there.


"One of them is the most milquetoast vampire in the entire history of vampires and I am INCLUDING Anne Rice's Louis AND that kid from that episode of Buffy who just dressed up as a vampire and wanted to be called Diego"

That might be the most awesome Buffy reference ever. Yay!

Why can't kids today just watch Buffy on DVD to get their vampire jollies?

A Paperback Writer

"Lastly, Zoey is an IDIOT... but she is, I'm sorry, just dumb. I dislike her intensely.

And yet, I really want to know what happens next, in a let's-look-at-the-train-wreck sort of way. I don't know what is wrong with me."

Gosh, I felt the same way about sarah palin. :)


I loved the first and then it gets worse with each book you read in the series. The twins still call each other twin in every other sentence and they actually call Jack a gay twister? Anyway, like you say, it is like a train wreck and I do need to read the next one in the series.


"If I, the heathen, find it semi-offensive that the only Christians in this series are complete lunatic bigot freaks, I can't imagine how someone who was actually remotely religious would feel while reading it."

Christians are slightly redeemed in the fourth book. But after reading that book I am *so* done. I got rid of all my copies. I almost feel the trainwreck thing but I figure someone online will tell me what happened so I don't really need to read them...


ha you guys all suck these books are good and different


I agree with britt...you guys suck. the books that I've read (marked and betrayed) are good and different...It's just messed up and totally wrong for Zoey to have 2 or 3 boyfriends...I mean I can't believe she would like her teacher and I understand if you think he's hot and all but he's totally off limits.


i loved all the books so far they are the best. everyone has there own opinion and so do i but u lot realy dont need to be so hard, the writers of this book didnt mean to ofend no one as they said in a interview the vampires have there own religon so read between the lines of the bludy book. oh and biffy sucks.


ok, why did they have to kill "loren" or whatever you wanna call him. right when he starts to be a little more interesting? why not have Neferet who suposevly loves him bring him back to life like shes been doing with the fledglings. I really thought the book would end well, i was wrong. the cat growled or sumthing stupid like that. when zoey fell over and started screaming with pain i thought she was changing(even though it's too soon)


Yeahh, I'm reading this series and I'm really offended by the way Christians are perceived in it. I'm glad someone else feels the same.
Zoey is kind of an idiot sometimes.
And what the heck is up with these red fledgings?! I'm only on book two, is this something that will be explained to me later?


Kaitlin, evrything about these red fledglings will be explained in other books. I dont want to write what exactly because otherwise it wont be so interesting to read!) I am on tempted and really enjoyed all other books and I just cant stop reading them!)
Hope that helped you and encouraged to continue reading because these books are truly amazing!)))


yup...i agree with all of you i like the books i know i am weird but i think its good but the writer is stupid i was done with the description of the "twins" when i read betrayed i already got it when i read the first book and Angel is way better then spike but i do love me some spike the bad boy thing is kinda hot =] ♥


when i look at the book after reading them i think "what the hell". when i read them i cant stop! ugh! why 3 boyfriends!? Just dump 2!!!


I don't understand how anyone at all could enjoy these books... Zoey is the most irritating, irrational, selfish and stupid character that has ever been developed. Honestly, what was the author thinking? Did she intend to create a main character that readers despise? She doesn't have one, not two, but THREE boys that she's interested. Two of which are thoroughly off-limits, yet she still continues to be a complete bitch and cheats on the only one that is actually suitable and officially a boyfriend. She's ignorant and acts irrationally, all the time.


First if you dont like them dont read them. Second i dont see why your hating on the way that the story line protrays the people of faith. The main character is 16 in the first two books and the story is told from her point of view. Which i totally get her mom who was normal marries an overly religious ass. Ive been there lived that. Christianity has been what i like to call a bully religion since it began. Dont get me wrong there are some decent people who believe in and follow the faith. But you cant go getting butthurt over the fact that its protrayed as an asshole religion. Do some history reading and youll see.

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