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30 December 2008


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That is so sad...I'm afraid your preface (Merry Christmas) needs to be said in the way Mr. Garrison says it on South Park. I had been looking forward to Dawn Treader. Also that James McAvoy spinoff!

dulce Barahona

i really wanted to see dawn treader too- its my favorite out of the 7...

Maureen E

WHAT? NO!! I'm anguished. Especially because I feel in love with Ben Barnes' Caspian.

My sister is similarly distressed.


The breaking of my heart is conspicious by its absence. I've never forgiven them for that whiney, pouty, eyelashes-fluttery Lucy.

Viccy Kemp

No, no, no, it does not mean there will be no more Narnia movies. It only means that Disney has pulled out. Walden Media has said it is committed to making the rest of the movies. It only means Walden Media has to find someone else to front the big $$$ for distribution, etc.
Viccy Kemp

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