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08 December 2008


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It seems so peculiar to me that someone could proudly self-identify as Bowdlerizing... since Bowlderizing carries with it, surely, an explicit link to Missing The Point On An Epic Scale.


Yeah -- it's one of the oddest/most semi-hilarious defenses of censorship I've ever seen.


And what a great example to set for the students, RIPPING PAGES out of their books.


Somehow the worst part of that quotation to me is, "it has other redeeming features." It just sounds so smug and condescending. That tone sums up everything that really bugs me about censorship on a visceral level.


Ripping out pages of books? Certain school districs can't even afford books, and you're RIPPING out whole sections based on... ignorance? Ignorance, the very thing that can be obliterated by... reading... WOW.

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