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01 December 2008


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Brian F.

I would think a short story collection is the best thing to have when your attention span is perforated by illness. Much easier to pick up and put down.


Novels are better for me when I'm sick because I need to know what happens next, so I can't put them down even if I want to.

Assuming that the novel is good, of course. And assuming that I'm halfway through one. Starting one when I'm sick... that's a whole other story.


I'm glad you are better! I just thought it was funny that we/you never discussed the titular story! :) Or did I just miss it?
I loved the read. It was a great compliment to the Lottery, which I was already familiar with. I'm glad for the big reads because I read even when you don't discuss.


Does this mean we're done? Not that there's anything wrong with that. I just have to read the last short story, "The Lottery," and I'll have finished the book, and I'll do a post about it, too.

This has been a great experience for me, Leila. I think (and hope) it's helped me professionally in terms of understanding short stories. I've seen things that I'd read about but that hadn't really registered with me.

So thanks for getting me started on this. I tried rereading Jackson a few years back but would never have gotten into it if you hadn't started this.


I'm glad you are feeling better!

With the holiday and everything, I got behind anyway. I'm going to keep blogging about them just so it's finished. I hope you keep going though because you have given me a lot of insight into the stories that I wasn't able to see myself.

This has been such a great experience!


I hope you'll go back and finish. I really liked "The Tooth" and "Pillar of Salt" perhaps because of the hint of myth and legend.

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