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03 December 2008


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But.. I like my Emily wall calendar.. :(

Lisa Yee

Whooooa . . . !!!

Kate F.

I am reminded of my futile outrage when I first saw the movie "Billy Eliot" and made note of the many, many manymanymany similarities it had with Rumer Godden's "Thursday's Children." Growl. Right down to the Cygnet as the triumphal role at the end. Gah.


I think it's even more damning that the "creator" of the Emily character is named Nathan... it makes it all the more likely that somebody would have given him Nate the Great as a child.

Kathy Burnette

We were just having a similar conversation at school about the similarities between The Quillan Games and the Hunger Games and between The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (short story soon to be a movie) and Elsewhere.


I only care about Emily insofar as her merchandising empire provided my fleecy red devil hoodie. Love the hoodie. But I find her character kind of flat.

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