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16 December 2008


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Electric Landlady

Germaine Greer tore Regency Buck to tiny, tiny shreds in The Female Eunuch as epitomizing all that was bad about women's reading matter. (Goodness knows why it was chosen to be the exemplar of its kind; there must have been loads of worse romances out there.) I was never able to feel the same about it afterward, I'm afraid. But maybe I'll give it another go -- I'd forgotten about Beau Brummell.

Stay warm!

Nic Dempsey

I'm glad you liked the Beau...what's next?

Roger Sutton

I'm thinking it would be difficult to read a book with that title on the subway.


Oh, there's a duel, too! I forgot about that. And cockfighting!

EL: Yeah. Like I said, I could see the problems... they just didn't offend me. I'll have to hunt down a copy of the Greer to read that bit. It does seem odd that she'd choose this one. I know I've read worse, and I don't read a whole lot of the genre.

Nic: The Black Moth. Then The Spanish Bride. I think.

Roger: Every single time I picked this book up, I looked at the title and giggled. As did the co-worker who ILLed it for me.


Ah-hah! I've been looking forward to seeing what you had to say about Regency Buck; I think it was the double-whammie of high-handedness *and* the lack of spark that meant I didn't like it. But it has been a long time since I've read it so maybe I have mellowed over the years.

Also I'm not convinced there are *ever* good reasons for behaving like an ass :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it though - are you going to tackle another?


Well, and I think I forgave him quite a lot of the assishness because he's so great in An Infamous Army. Still high-handed, but more human. And I didn't love it. But I still had fun with it. And I did love all of the stuff about cravats.

I forgot to mention, too, that the behavioral similarities of Judith and Barbara (from AIA) were fun to spot. No wonder they ended up getting along.


The Duke of Andover is basically Justin Alistair but without the redeeming qualities. I think you'll find some similarities to other characters in These Old Shades as well.

Spanish Bride is a bit dry but I was young when I read it, so you might like it better than I did.

I'd strongly encourage you to try Friday's Child or Cotillion, both of which are delightfully fluffy.


Hilarious - Worth is exactly like Edward!!!
I've read this book many times and it was great to see it through your eyes. Spot on.


The Black Moth is a very early work and thus a bit less ... I hesitate to use the word "good" ... then the others, in my opinion. And, like Jen above, I personally found The Spanish Bride a bit dry: too much history, not enough romance. But then I was reading these at about the age of 14 and actually my older self really likes the ones I didn't quite "get" during my teenage years.

A Civil Contract is quite melancholic but genuinely interesting... it appeals to a slightly matured sense of what love is but doesn't exactly induce giddy butterflies the way Friday's Child or Cotillion still do :) Cotillion is well worth it for Freddie - he's a very successful, rare sort of hero.


The Black Moth is her very first, I think. And someone here told me that These Old Shades is basically a re-write of it -- I wanted to read it while TOS was still fresh, and I figure that I'm going to read them all eventually anyway...


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