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16 January 2009


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I didn't comment over there but I think the author's comment was boilerplate - he probably dumps it on every single site that gives a less than steller review of his book. I bet he didn't think two seconds about it. (And I think it was silly of him to do it.)

I had to laugh at everyone saying this was so harsh and horrible though - if they had any idea some of the comments that have come my way or in at Guys Lit Wire....well, they would see that this is very tame. (And again, I think the author was foolish to even comment but it's not like he personally attacked the little girl for not loving his book.)


Yeah, I've received some pretty rough ones, too.

Most of his comment seemed pretty generic to me as well -- except for the bit about honesty. That part was really weird, and it certainly would have ticked me off. (For a few minutes, anyway.)

I'm always really impressed when I read a less-than-glowing review and then see that the author has left a nice "oh, sorry we didn't connect this time, maybe next time and thanks for the input" sort of comment. Even if they're gritting their teeth as they type it, it comes off way better.

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