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05 January 2009


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Are you reading the original or the newly modernized one?


The modernized one. I do love the covers.

Jackie Parker

I'm glad I'm not alone on that. I loved it so much. I've had to ask my library to buy the middle two in the series and they can't arrive fast enough (how they haven't bought them already is beyond me). Though that's probably good as I'll be reading and re-reading the Cybils finalists for the next month+.


YES, it's fantastically awesome!

(I love the '80s version most, but I'm so tickled they're back in print, they could have set it in space.)


Oh! LOVED those. Didn't even realize that the new ones were changed at all aside form the covers. Must go back to re-read!


I read the original two way back when from the library, more than once, and was disappointed when their copies were disposed of as too ratty to lend out any more. Then, several years ago, I discovered that there was a third book (when they were reprinted with gawdawful covers), bought it, and was amazed that it could possibly be considered a teen books (no spoilers, but it was not necessarily for the faint of heart).

Recently I discovered that there was a fourth book, that crosses over with another series she wrote, and I just got my ordered copy, so I really should move it up in the TBR queue.


This reminds me that I need to make our YA librarian order the new editions - I think we have one ratty copy of Long Live the Queen. I bought copies for myself, thinking I might donate them - but nope, they're ALL MINE.


I LOVED that book. I made a point of buying the first three in the older form (ugly covers and all). The fourth one (Long May She Reign) is my favorite, though. Hopefully these books will get rediscovered now that we have First Daughters again.


*Loved* that book when I was a kid. Checked it out from our library all the time.

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