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23 January 2009


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It helps the the book is so beautiful....


What a lovely thing to say about a book, "It made my heart feel bigger." You do such a good job describing other people's books, maybe you should write one yourself one day.


Exactly how I felt about Chalice. Such a quiet, meaningful piece of work.

Kelly Fineman

Love that conversation with Josh. I will be on the lookout for this one!

Maureen E

Yaaay! I admit to having the same reaction as far as bread and honey goes. I think I made honey cake soon after. And I cannot get over how beautiful the book is physically. And that's even leaving aside the story, which I loved. Anyway, I think I've been going on about this book for months so I will desist. But I'm glad you liked it.


Robin McKinley really is a wonder - I can't wait to dig into this one. I guess I'll make sure that I have some honey in the house before I start!


Definitely not fast-paced--I read the first paragraph about seven times, with a sinking heart that asked, "Can I really read this book, even if it is Robin McKinley?" But on the eighth time I made it through, kept reading, and was pleased to spend time in Chalice-land.


Awww. Josh knows you so well.

I cannot wait to read this. I am full of love for all things McKinley. And I love me some honey, too.

(But next time, you should make the bread yourself...)


I know, but I needed instant gratification!


I just read it too and absolutely loved it -- up until the ending, which I thought was rather hurried for such a slow-paced book and rather clumsy for such a careful writer. But yes, I got drawn into that world.


You know, now that I think about it, I did have a curious hankering for honey after I finished this one. I like the book... but what I really loved was the world that McKinley created. I honestly hope she visits it again. :)

Kelly Fineman

Whoa - I had to stop back, having just finished the book tonight. Hankering for honey? Check. Agree that it's not the book for everyone? Check. In love with it? Check. Heart growth? Check and check again.

I'm so glad I read this entry, which is what set me on the lookout for this book in the first place. I've mentioned this post in my review of this evening at Writing and Ruminating. And now, I'm off for tea with honey.

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