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05 January 2009


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I got Just Henry for Christmas, and am looking forward to it! My favorite of her's is Not a Swan (three sisters on their own in a rented cottage during WW II, with a very nice used book store)

Connor Chauveaux

I've read everything she's written (not an easy feat as most of it has to come from amazon in the UK) but you must must must read Back Home. It's still one of my favorite books and I've been reading it once a year since I was 12. I'm 29 now and still in love with it.


I second 'Back Home' - favourite book ever! I've read my first copy it's actually come apart.

(Also, I was confused by 'Not a Swan' - I was sure I'd read all of Michelle Magorian! Is it the same as 'A Little Love Song' or not? I don't understand! It seems to have NEARLY the same storyline. Ohhhhh why why why?)

Also: hurray! This caught me out, I thought Keith Grey or Jenny Valentine would win.


Not a Swan is the American version of Little Love Song, and it is very different in that, although it is the same story, Swan has a third sister, and I think is a better book in consequence. I would really like to know why poor Letty was cut from Love Song.


Oh great, now I have to buy that one immediately!

It was really disconcerting to read A Little Love Song when I was still quite young. Sex?! In a Michelle Magorian book?! What what!

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