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27 January 2009


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When I was younger, I liked Anne better than Emily, but as I grew older, Emily became and remained my favorite. She's a little darker, a little deeper, and maybe a little more realistic about certain things.

I had similar misgivings about Dean, especially rereading the stories as an adult - but I guess the standard age for girls to "grow up" was a little different back then. Maybe I give him the benefit of the doubt because, like you, Teddy bores me a bit.


yay! so glad you are enjoying emily. she is, like many other people, my favorite! i've read most of (all?) LMM's books, many are good, but the emily series remains my favorite.


I didn't know anyone who liked the Emily books when I was a child so it's nice to see so many of us crawling out of the woodwork now. And it's very cool to read about your experiences reading these books for the first time as an adult!

I retrospectively damned Dean after events in a later book so can't remember if I liked him better than Teddy when I first read Emily of New Moon.


If you get a chance to read Montgomery's "The Blue Castle" I think you will really like it. Okay, so it's actually one of those books that you want to personally shove into people's hands and maniacally say, "You mussssst read thissss NOW!!!!!" (Confessions of an LMM-a-holic). I am glad you discovered Emily.

And you think you cried at Book One? Look out for Book Two...


Glad you loved Emily! I also like that she has a touch of second sight, and always loved the episode about finding Ilse's mother. Creepy!!!

And yes, her letters to her father... Oh, man, I have to go dig out my copy and read it again.


I can't remember what happens in book 2 that that's sad. And tell me at my email address. I don't want to ruin somebody else's reading.

Though I have a copy and could read it again.

I think I cried through much of book 3 too.


I read My "Emily of New Moon" paperback until it literally feel to pieces.


emily is my favourite heroine, too. i identified with her the best. but my favourite book of hers is the blue castle. hehe.


Definitely, definitely, do read "The Blue Castle". One of her best It's the book I pick up to read when I'm sick.

On my honeymoon on Saltspring Island (B.C.), I found an almost untouched set of the Emily trilogy in a second hand bookstore - the ones with the covers I grew up with (the Bantam 1983 edition). I was beside myself - my old ones are falling apart and the new covers are just not the same. So exciting.


Yes, I'm rediscovering Emily lately. I read the Anne series as a preteen (and many times after), the Emily series as a teen, and then Pat of Silver Bush and Mistress Pat as an adult. It's odd, I actually like Pat, and she has no great ambitions like either Anne or Emily - but I see similarities in all three. Emily is definitely the darkest of the three - and I remember loving the whole series.


I have no problems with Dean Priest's interest in Emily as a young girl, seeing as he never tried to actually romance her until she was an adult. I think these days we are a bit too squeamish about the sexuality of young teens (which Emily was at that point, rather than a prepubescent child. Actually, I was always disappointed that Emily ended up with Teddy rather than Dean, Teddy being pretty bland in comparison.

Clare J. Troy

Florentine - I agree 100% about Dean and Teddy - I do find Dean's interest in the young Emily a bit creepy, but he's a much more interesting character. I think some critics have commented that he's LMM's most successful male character. I think that's true - I can only think of two male LMM characters who I really like - Dean and Mr. Carpenter, who I'd have loved to have had as my teacher! Gilbert was OK, I suppose, but I was never really all that fussed on him, ditto Matthew Cuthbert, whilst Teddy deserves some kind of prize for being the least charismatic romantic lead ever written - I think LMM was much better with female characters. As for Dean, I can see why a lot of readers don't like him, but I actually really like him.


I also read the 1983 Bantam editions when I was young. I own a boxed set of them now (thanks, eBay!)

If anyone's ever curious to check out the TV series - Approach. With. Caution. I wanted to like it so much, but I was disappointed over and over again. The writers take so many liberties that eventually the characters are living an entirely different story. The acting also leaves -much- to be desired. There are four seasons, but I only made it through one.

It does get a few things right, though. Emily's connection with the darker side of life comes across well. And as much as everyone loves Kevin Sullivan's Anne (including me), this show looks less pretty and thus more real. It was filmed completely on location, with some local actors.

And Phyllis Diller as Aunt Nancy? Awesome.

Maybe someday I'll try watching more. I think I'd rather re-read the books, though.

Linda Caffy

My Husband and I have watched several of the episodes on TV; however all of you have scared me. It sounds like the book is dark and Satanic. I didn't even want to watch the show; once I saw there was spiritism involved because of God's word the Bible. Spiritism is forbidden if I want inherit the EARTH; as Jesus mentioned at Matthew 5:5 and I love God; so I want to inherit the EARTH as well as the Kingdom; which is a literal government. Read Daniel 2:44 and above. God's Kingdom is coming closer everyday. It will crush every Kingdom on Earth and it will rule forever. Humans can NOT govern themselves. If anyone wants to write me; feel free to at [email protected] Warmest Regards to all Emily of New Moon fans! The story lead me to all of you.


Emily of New Moon is NOT dark or Satanic. I am not saying there is anything wrong with either of these things, that is a matter of opinion, and being a Christian myself and having read all of L.M Montgomery's books I should know what I am talking about, and although I am only thirteen. Personally I found the Emily books bewitching. There was something very flawed and human about Emily that made her seem much more real than Anne. The Anne books, though I love them, were perhaps getting a little tired by Anne of Ingleside, whereas there are only three Emily books. While they are probably the darkest of L.M Montgomery's books there is nothing remotely dangerous or harmful about them, and L.M Montgomery would turn in her grave to hear the word Satanic mentioned in the same paragraph as one of her books.
As for the 'spiritism', there was ONE incident of a dream being sent to Emily. In the bible, when Joseph is on the point of deciding to divorce Mary, an angel appears to Joseph in a dream and tells him that Mary's child is God's son. Is it not just as likely that this is what happened to Emily? The last sentence in Anne of Green Gables was 'God's in his heaven, all's right with the world'. It is hardly likely that L.M Montgomery would have a Spiritualist character. The word Spiritualism is not actually mentioned in any format or context throughout any of the books, nor any of its kind. If it was in the TV serial that was hardly L.M Montgomery's fault. It is up to the reader how they interpret the book and this is what does any harm with any book. If the writer of the above review interprets a book of L.M Montgomery's thus, I must warn them never to read The Amber Spyglass [excellent book].


Q.K....What happened to Ilse's mother???! Please??!! I watch the show on This TV, and somehow missed it... I've been trying to read the book at Gutenburg Project Alstralia., (sorry can't spell), on my Phone like 3 sentences at a time...I get going too fast or something and the page goes blank...now all I get is syntax error... Arrrrr!!! My.local liabraiy in metro. Atlanta says it will take 3to6 weeks....I only have 4 chapters to go....Please with a cherry on top... What happened to Ilse mother... I have Emily Climbs downloaded and can't read it 'till I know. BTW I l ike Emily better too! just kinda in a snit...I'm 51, have devoured books like a starving person at a buffet, since squiggles suddenly became words...and here I am hooked on Emily Bryd Star

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