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02 January 2009


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A Paperback Writer

Well, hey, now we know why the Storm Troopers all look like they're wearing plastic jock straps in episode IV! Obviously, fabric jock straps could cause serious damage, according to these physics.
Perhaps Leia could've worn a plastic bra?
And what do female astronauts wear on the Space Shuttle? I suspect bras are allowed if desired. But -- fortunately -- the Leia ear-muff hairdo probably isn't.


Well, that's interesting. The whole paragraph is, really. I find the part about George Lucas ruining her life just as interesting as the 'no bra' idea. I remember when one of the new movies came out I saw something about them on television and she was at the premier latched onto Lucas. Not exactly how you act if someone ruined your life... The bra thing is just weird, and I am not great at physics either!

Washington Reader

FYI, by cutting the quote short, the NYT basically misrepresented it. "Forty-three years ago, George Lucas ruined my life. And I mean that in the nicest possible way." I hate it when they do that.


I'm concerned that George 'creepster' Lucas had thought through this no-bra-space-scenario enough to justify that she wasn't allowed to wear one because obviously it would strangle her. And by concerned I mean kinda weirded out.


Thanks, Washington Reader -- I hate it when they do that! So annoying.

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