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04 January 2009


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Brian F.

Brave heart, Tegan. He'll be fine. He was hired by the man who wrote BLINK and THE GIRL IN THE FIREPLACE.

As for the hair... Well, Moffat said in an interview that when Matt walked into the audition, he thought, "I even like the hair..." I'm sure they'll tame it a bit but, y'know...

I'd be willing to admit they deal with that very problem in the context of the show: the Doctor cursing his own youthful appearance and not being taken seriously wherever he goes. And he's only 3 years younger than Peter Davison when he took on the Doctor.

It's all good.


I love it when you say "Brave heart, Tegan". If we ever meet in real life I'm totally giving you a hug because of that.

And do I know it'll be okay. I trust Moffat, mostly. (The end of Jekyll was so very weak that I can't give him my complete trust.) But I did make the exact same point about my beloved Peter Davison while reading the article. (I sometimes worry that talking back to my computer is a sign of some sort of impending breakdown.)

But something really must be done about the hair. A few shades darker, it'd make him look like the Jonas Brothers' older brother. Yikes.


That Jonas Brother thing was EXACTLY what I thought -- I saw another pic of him in a blue blazer, and his hair looked black, and I said, "HEY!"

This should be... interesting. Twenty six. Whoa.

Kelly Fineman

I kinda hope his hair gets longer. And I thought he looked like a vampire. And I'm not the only one.


I just want to tell this "Get offa my lawn".


What happened to the whole woman/person of color for the Doctor rumor, I wonder.

But yeah, I'm feeling pretty "get off my lawn" when I see him. "Back in my day, The Doctor was a grown-up... and we walked to school..."

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