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05 January 2009


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PBR is always funny and should be used as often as possible. way to go.

Gail Gauthier

I think you're right about there not being that many places that publish short fiction for YA. I'm not aware of YAs receiving a lot encouragement to read short stories, either.

And you're not looking for erotica for middle graders? Come on!


I had to say it! You know that someone's writing it, even if it was just that one girl on my school bus!

Sarah I.

I am pretty excited about this - and huge kudos to you for doing it. I'll be subscribing! :)


Sounds like a great idea! I'll definitely subscribe, and I have a few students I'll be encouraging to submit something as well. :)


Leila, this is a fantastic idea, and I really admire you for plunging into it (or maybe I should say "cracking it open," since we're talking about Tallboys...)

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