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16 January 2009


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what book was it?

ps i've been lurking for a long time and reading bookshelves of doom is one of the highlights of my day.


I too am a lurker and really, really want to know what book it is so I can avoid it. Not that I read adult books anyway, but still...



I skipped the author and title to avoid any freakouts by anyone who took that overly seriously. BUT. It's a recently published continuation of a much beloved classic.

Brian F.

Maybe she meant that the author should be shot with a bazooka full of puppies and rainbows, which ultimately wouldn't kill said author but might encourage them to stop writing.


Oh, the Pooh book. Does anyone have high expectations for those "continuations"?
Anyone longing for a virtual lynch mob should check out the letter Chris Grabenstein sent to a 12-year-old reviewer at J. Kaye's Book Blog.


Nope, not the Pooh book. Though I'm sure that there will be some people who have a similar reaction when it comes out...

Kelly Fineman

Further hint please: for grownups or for children?

Perhaps a paintball gun might work?


OOHH. It has to be the Shakespeare one. Probably. There are far too many of those books now than I like to think about.


Oh, I also wanted to say, I know that feeling all too well, but I usually go with a maiming (kneecapping, probably) as opposed to shooting. That way they have to THINK about what they did.

R.J. Anderson

I read a similar book (i.e. continuation of a beloved classic -- in this case the classic was a children's book, but the continuation was most certainly not) that I felt precisely the same way about. Not recent enough to be the one you're referring to, but seriously, it made me wonder what was going on in the author's mind.


It's a grown-up book. New-ish release.

The idea of making the perp run back and forth while the injured party (the reader) take popshots at him (or her) with a paintball gun is an interesting one. I'll check in with my co-worker about that.


Hmmm...was it about a girl who was adopted and lived on a farm?


Oh that's not fair. You have to tell us which book. Please! :)


Is it the continuation of Pride and Prejudice from Mary's point of view perhaps????

Diana Peterfreund

I've had those feelings before, but I imagine it's even worse if you think the new authors has trampled all over something you hold dear and sacred.


Was it Rhett Butler's People? Gone with the Wind fans are quite touchy.


C'mon you have to tell us so we can avoid it at all costs. Or read it and join the crusade.


Seriously, you're killing us here. More hints!

Liz B

I was thinking, what if the Pooh sequel followed Christopher Robin as an adult? Like ChristopherRobin/Pooh as Sebastian/Aloysius? Imagine Brideshead Revisted, the Pooh version?


I was thinking the Harry Potter book that recently came out but I don't know about Harry Potter being "classic" quite yet.

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