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26 January 2009


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Jenny Schwartzberg

A couple of years ago, Lifeline Theatre in Chicago did a wonderful production of the Talisman Ring. Great fun. Once in a while they will do a Georgette Heyer and really bring the book to life. If you live anywhere near Chicago, do see a performance the next time they do Heyer.


Totally, totally off-topic, but....

Have you seen this?


Pride and Prejudice and ZOMBIES!


Oh I love Sarah Thane so much!

Electric Landlady

Hee! Talisman Ring is one of my favourites. "But I have been trying to tell you for some time now that there is a trifling hitch. I cannot draw."


Ha ha -- I loved that line. Miss Thane is fantastically super awesome.

Gina Dalfonzo

"Sir Tristram was contemplating with grim misgiving the prospect of encountering vivacity at the breakfast-table for the rest of his life . . ."

That's very nearly Wodehouse-ian. Nice!


Will I ever inspire a man with enough devotion to ride ventre a terre to my deathbed?? :)

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