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14 January 2009


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I didn't want to read this book when it first came out, but when I saw the paperback edition in my local Borders I bought it. I ended up loving it. If I'd read it on another day, it's possible I would have hated it. I wasn't particularly interested in Carrie or Melinda, or the alcoholic mother. And I had a huge issue with the undercover narc storyline. (The undercover stuff seemed like it should have been in a different book to me. I wanted a less obvious explanation for Cabel's behavior.) But I liked Janie and Cabel a lot. And I liked the tone of the book, as well as the style (which surprised me because the style is what turned me off when I'd skimmed through the hardcover last year). The tone and style are what made Carrie, Melinda and the drunk mother palatable for me. I've never seen a Nightmare on Elm Street movie, so that may be why it never occurred to me Cabel was channeling Krueger. Good thing, I guess.

I can't wait for your review of Silent on the Moor!


It's been so hugely popular with everyone that I was really surprised at my reaction! It definitely wasn't the tone or the style that bothered me -- I liked how the story bounced back and forth in time and I've seen some complaints about the fragmented sentences, but that worked for me. It was the actual plotting and characterization that didn't so much.

Lisa Chellman

Whew, finally a review that brings up the problems I had with the book! (I know, I could have written my own...) Anyway: I agree. I thought it was a fast, fun read, but I thought the plot and characters were superficial and obvious. It was a cool concept, but the follow-through wasn't there for me on a literary level.

A Paperback Writer

I must say that that is a heck of a spiffy cover, though.
Wow. I'd certainly pick up the book to look at it just because of the cover.


In my next life, I'm hoping for bitchy, secret-lesbian cheerleader.

Krueger channeling Krueger



I agree with all of this. I thought the book could have been so much more than it was. It wasn't Nightmare on Elm Street scary at all, which I assumed from the flap and the picture. I didn't exactly dislike it and I will read Fade, but I thought McMann really dropped the ball on something that had a great premise. I could have cared less about Carrie and the cheerleader and the drunk mom.



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