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14 January 2009


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Because THAT is what going to graduate school is for!


Oh, heck -- I don't have my MLS -- but I wouldn't wish that ridiculousness on anyone!


That is some beautiful teamwork between you and Josh...it has to be true love!


You are my hero. The only way that story could be cooler is if you had to break out the rappelling gear.


That is some eXtreme Library Adventure. Maybe the next action figure will be based on you.


I was kinda hoping for some video footage of the heroic rescue.

Kelly Fineman

I'm with MotherReader on this one. You and Josh deserve capes, at the very least.


I'll pass that one on to my director!


I hereby present you this shiny gold medal (not pictured) for courage under scrutiny, cuz nobody should have to show off their soft white underbelly like that for what librarians make. Good job.

Also Josh gets a medal for surrendering all dignity and crawling around on the floor.

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