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06 February 2009


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Monica Edinger

Me too. Reserve judgment. But, yes, it is difficult. That is not my Ramona, but any stretch. Any. (But of course mine is from 1960 or so.)


Yep. And I take issue with the word 'wacky'. I know that she was describing herself (and that she's, like, nine), but if the movie itself goes in the wacky comedy direction, I might cry.


Hm. I find it hard to reserve judgement when she looks nothing like Ramona. She'd need a cut, color, and contacts to look like her.


So NOT my favorite word.
And SELENA GOMEZ. Okay. Since when is freakin' Beezus glamorous?!

Buuuuut, yes. Reserving judgment. Reserving judgment like mad, here.

Lisa Yee

I have a bad feeling about this.


I have a bad feeling too. Aren't they supposed to be red-haired and freckled? I don't see Selena Gomez as Beezus at all.
I just reread Beezus & Ramona and I have to say what a horrible little girl Ramona is! I don't remember finding her so odious but ugh. I felt so bad for Beezus! :)


I read those books a million times when I was little. ALL OF THEM. I just can't picture that cute little angel being Ramona and Beezus as Gomez? Isn't Gomes too teenager-ish?


Ugh... I just found out about this yesterday and it nearly made me cry. Selena Gomez as Beezus?! Are they completely trying to desecrate these beloved books? And that King girl? Wacky? Sorry, I'm not reserving judgment, I'm judging like mad. This is just sad.

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