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20 February 2009


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Don't you have to <3 Pacey? It's simply unavoidable.

Kelly Fineman

I think Nathan Fillion is HOTT. NPH, too. Must get that DVD. I hear that the sing-along commentary is awesome!


Add me to the those who get weak and fluttery around Nathan F. sigh.

Maureen E

I must get my hands on a copy of Dr. Horrible. And Fringe...I find it oddly unsatisfying and yet COMPLETELY ADDICTIVE. Which would have nothing to do with Joshua Jackson. Oh no...*tries to sound convincing*

Actually though, I <3 John Noble as Walter. Didn't even realize he was Denethor in LotR until quite recently.


Commentary, the Musical is indeed worth listening to (from the DVD). Nathan's song is "I'm better than Neal" and he sings about how good he is at Ninja Ropes. Turns out that if you play Ninja Ropes, you can see that he is the reigning champion--under his own (full) name. Also there's a lovely rhyme:
"my wonderful me-ness
my hammer, the pe-
ople will say..."

Carrie K

Yay for the Josh love! I was hooked on Josh/Pacey from season 1 of DC. For the past several years, when he wasn't working beyond small films, I was sad to see some people write him off as done. I'm so glad he's doing well with Fringe and that even people who aren't old Pacey fans are giving in to his charm.


We were obsessed with Dr. Horrible and the music when we first saw it, and now my whole family is obsessed with the musical commentary. So many great songs, so funny and sharp, I can't pick my favorite.

(though my favorite line, after Groupie #1 pays Joss $10 to do a solo on the track is, "I like it [Hollywood] plenty, I gave Joss a twenty. And got back a dream and two fives.")


I just was never able to get behind Fringe. I'm a sci-fi addict, and have watched much worse shows...but the characters never seemed all that interesting, or if they were they seemed to be over-done caricatures, and the storyline was like, X-Files Revisited...but less good. I kept falling asleep during episodes, which made me sad, 'cause the concept interested me a lot, but the application seemed lacking.

Doctor Horrible, on the other hand, is pure win. I can watch that multiple times in a row and love it more each time.

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