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19 February 2009


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Thanks for posting about my contest! My review goes up at 7:30 this morning . . . maybe it will help you get over your fear.


I'm kind of scared of that book too.


Me three.


It is scary, but worth it. You'll never not want to eat again. So really, it will reinforce any love for food you already have.


I loved it - my feeling is that girls will not read this as "pro-ana", but as a real cautionary tale about what could happen. (check out my review: http://tinyurl.com/cwo3rq) And Ashley's right, this is a worth while read.


I reviewed that book (click on my name to read), and one thing I didn't say in my review is that it is a little triggery. I am somewhat vulnerable to ED triggers, and I think anything that represents anorexia this realistically is going to trigger some people. I found myself inhabiting the character's mind a little bit too much, and for too long after I finished it.

I didn't include that in my post because I don't want it to scare people away from the book. People see enough danger in YA lit already.


Read it! The book is fabulous. I mean, its horribly sad but its Laurie Halse Anderson at her finest. Its hard to put down.

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