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20 February 2009


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God, was that ever creepy. Childhood icons turned into kinky voyeurs. Somehow in the crowd I saw it with, I was the odd man out, who hated it with every fiber of his being. There is not one good thing you can say about the film other than "the final robot battle FX rocked". Still, if you've got to drag out the non-robot stuff, why the hell do so via terrible masturbation jokes?


Oh, eeew, that was a bad movie. And worse, I saw it in an IMAX theater -- so teeth-floatingly squicky make-out session with sentient vehicle was like sixty feet tall. *Shudder*

Eric Luper

Okay, it wasn't an Oscar-worthy movie, but there was a lot of humor in it. I was mildly entertained. I thought it was pretty good until they got to Hoover Dam. Then I couldn't even tell the suckers apart. I had no idea what was going on.

But there was one saving grace. Seeing that car-stealing girl hang over Bumblebee's engine in her sweaty halfshirt.... that alone may have been worth the price of admission.

But the whole hooking up on Bumblebee's hood... I missed that, but yeah... that's icky.


You don't know how many fanboys have beeen squicked by me pointing that out.

However, I saw the movie with a friend and we kept whispering about how Sam had as much chemistry with Bumblebee as he did with Mikaela. Then the end scene. We just gave each other a look and decided the threesome was done on purpose.




I never thought I'd say this about a movie, but I really just wanted fighting robots. 'Transformers' would have been so much better if they'd cut out anything to do with humans (particularly icky robot/human threesomes) and just had giant robots fighting.


I could have down without the hour and a half where Shia searched his room for the glasses while the robots "hid" in plain sight just outside his window.


Creepy as hell.

That movie, in general, sucked. I'm unable to figure out why anyone thought it was good, let alone as awesome as some people made it out to be.

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