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19 February 2009


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A Paperback Writer

I had a two-hour workshop with Meg last August at the Edinburgh Book Festival. She didn't teach us much, but she told entertaining stories about herself. I got her to autograph my copy of What I Was, but it's near the bottom of my massive TBR pile now.
Has anyone read much of her stuff? it sounds interesting....


I've read How I Live Now, Just in Case, and What I Was and I would recommend all three of them unreservedly. And probably in that order. For effect, though, not because one is better than another. They're each so different they don't even compare. But they are all three beautiful.


I've read How I Live Now and loved it, and Just in Case and HATED IT WITH A PASSION. So I don't know what to do with What I Was, because if I hate it as well, I'm doomed to be cut off from her, and I really like her! She seems so amusing!

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