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18 February 2009


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Kelly Fineman

"It's not the book, it's that there any books like it out there" (a paraphrase of one of the most chilling things I've heard a challenger say yet). Eep!




"It's that books like that can get into my daughter's hands."

It's a gateway book!

When I was in high school, Snow in August was assigned as a summer reading option and in the fall some girl was going around with a petition trying to get the book banned because of the swearing. Putting aside the ridiculousness of a sixteen-year old acting appalled by language you could hear on basic cable, it was, as I said, a summer reading OPTION. She could've chosen another book. Her argument was that she didn't know it would have the offensive cursing before she chose it and after she saw the first swear, which had to have been in the first couple chapters, it was simply too late to start reading another book.

I did not speak to her again until she tried to get me in trouble for 'having pornography' when I was reading Lolita in study hall.

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