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09 February 2009


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Fuse #8

Yep. Ugly cover art did it for me too. I was even (and this is sad) surprised to hear that "Eon" was good because that jacket was so poor. Happy to hear it's working out for you there.


I am SO relieved to hear that I'm not alone in my shallowness.


You aren't alone. I've skipped every blog post about Eon because I think the cover art is so ugly. I have no idea what it's about, but maybe I should read a blurb somewhere...

I also passed on The Hunger Games because of the cover art, but ended up buying it after it landed on so many book lists.


By the way, I just read a wonderful review at Publisher's Weekly for the next K.L. Going book (King of the Screwups). I've never read anything by K.L. Going.


You didn't! You're not going to put yourself through even more of the torture that is V.C. Andrews!? It's all very well for us, if we're getting another hilarious review out of it, but I hate to see you suffer like that just so we can have a good time!


I really can't wait for your review of Petals on the Wind. Yay!

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