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18 February 2009


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Sarah I.

Gah, Transformers.... I'll have to check out Alien Raiders. Anything else that was fun?


Alien Radiers looks good. Looks like it has some 80's actors in it and the guy from Six Feet Under. Also, check out Lesbian Vampire Killers. Horrible title, but looks like something kinda Shawn of the Deadish. Still looking forward to the zombie in the snow movie.


One of my fave ultra-cheesy horror movies is "Monster in the Closet." But what makes it so great is that it has a 10 year-old Paul Walker and a 5-7 year-old Fergie. Sadly, she's only in it for all of 30 seconds, but it's sooo worth it!!
As for Killer Klowns, who doesn't love giant cotton candy pods?!?!

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