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25 February 2009


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Brian F.

Did you learn nothing from Rose saving her father? Diddling with the wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff only makes winged homonculi appear and rip people up.

Are you prepared to deal with those consequences to ease your teen self's soul?



Also, I'm not planning on actively changing anything like Rose did. Just maybe slipping myself a few YA novels From The Future on the sly. So I don't think the winged thingies would show up for that.

I wouldn't go all Biff from Back to the Future or anything, I SWEAR.


I'm crushing so hard on him right now. See, this is why I don't follow his stuff...I have always known that, if I did, I would fall in love. And here I am, crushing.


What a fabulous video. Thanks for sharing it!

Kelly Fineman

#2: Become World of Warcraft.

I'd love John for that alone if I didn't love him already.


I like the caveat about nerdboys being needy.


Just don't step on any living creatures when you go back in time.


God, talk about a title that makes me click over from the RSS feed.

Jeremy Brunaccioni

I'm happily looking for links for Scholastic's Friday Kid Lit Round Up and I run across your post mentioning the TARDIS. Very cool!


hah! john green is a genious;)


"I know they don't go all sparkly in the sun..." had me rolling.


I wish I had a Tardis, too. The winged things only come, if you continually make a paradox. Such as Rose holding her younger self. I think that is right, but it had been ages since I watched that Episode.
I love John Green and that advice is so true for the most part.


If anyone's interested, John and his brother post weekly about things they find interesting. On Sundays John talks about news and Hank writes songs on Wednesday.

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