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24 February 2009


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Julia and Brisbane in India would be great! I finished it a couple days after I bought it last week (only because I was savoring every minute of it and didn't want to finish it in one sitting). Really loved it.

Silent in the Sanctuary is still my favorite in the series - I love the March family, so I'd rather spend an entire novel with them than with strangers. Still, it was wonderful to have Portia back. And I missed Valerius in Sanctuary, so I was glad he was around. I do hope we see the entire family, all 9 siblings, together at some point. Deanna Raybourn does such a fantastic job making them distinct. Like you, I would love to hang out with them.

Who are the other literary families you'd like to hang out with?


Yeah, I'm hoping that the Portia-Jane storyline will end up with a happy ending, so I figured that Silent in Somewhere in India would remedy that...

And I'm glad that other people feel the same way about the March family. As for other literary families... I'd want to hang out with the Melendy family for sure. I'll have to think of others...


I second that "PHEW". I had read somewhere that this was just a planned trilogy, so I've been a bit bummed. But, YAY! More Julia and Nicholas! And I completely add in my hopes for an India novel.


The Melendys for sure. Also: the Cassons, the Bastables, the Armitages and the Fossils. Just to begin with. Oh. And the Derkholms.



Good call on the others as well.

Kate F.

Wow, everyone on here speaks the same language, huh? I spent most of my youth wishing I were a Melendy. And the Fossils...heart heart heart. I love all of Edward Eager's various kids too.

Anyway, just read Silent in the Grave/Sanctuary over the weekend on your rec and loved them. Can't wait to get this one!


Okay, I really don't like the cover to this book... I own the first book and I like the cover for it way better. This is not a book I would pick up in a bookstore, but that's just me...


Oh, yeah. Brisbane can wolf out any old time. Fine by me. Glad you enjoyed it. I felt the same way at the ending. I will NOT be okay if this does not right itself STAT!

deanna buoniconti

I am seriously in LOVE with these books! I hope Deanna Raybourn writes quickly, because i can't wait for the next! Any other suggestions if i likes Raybourn? I've read Tasha Alexander, but I'm not sure what else i will like in this crazy historical romance/mystery theme!!!

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