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19 March 2009


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You're so fierce! Like that guy Christian from Project Runway. Ug! Beautifully put. I could not have said it better. I agree with you 100%. Thank you for sharing this. I'm glad I'm not the only one. When I see magazines and reviews on this book and the last one, Untamed, my mind boggles.


I'm really annoyed with these books!! Nothing new happens!! I mean the thing with HEATH!!! What is with that?? That really annoys me, how Zoey gets into these situations, but she refuses to really do anything to change the outcome. At the end of the last book Heath said he'd leave her alone and by going on what you just said (that she re-imprinted with him) he clearly didn't!
It's like they've lost ideas for this book and so have to go back to what has already happened just to keep the book alive! I'm just glad that it's not just me who can see the repetition or the annoying fact that Zoey just can't keep the promises she makes. Or stay faithful to the people she's supposed to be going out with i.e. Erik!!


You made a very good point. Heath prolly is the best choice for her and her stupidity. Erik is just scary, and Stark is FAR out of her league.

I do believe everyone who has read and reviewed this book and the others has said it as well, maybe all of us repeating it will get the point across...prolly not. Stop repeating and move on with the story!


Seriously, you have to stop reading these books.


I have a question... why do you keep reading them?? Seriously, you're too cool for these lame ass books


This is a great review, I just wrote a scathing one on my blog... it was BAD!

Claire O'Toole

Similar to Twilight but wayyyyyyyyyy more funnier!!!!

Sasha Jones

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your review!!!!! It made my day. Heck, it made my week. I actually laughed out loud while reading it!

It should be printed on the inside cover of "Marked" so that unsuspecting book buyers like me aren't sucked into wasting hard earned cash and precious time on this cringe worthy dreck!!


lol, this (your review) made me laugh. ok, i mean in the first chapter it's like 'hello captain obviose'. cause she says for the millionth time how long shes been there and tells us once again who the horse is. Although i dont get why all guy's think shes hot, i mean Seriously? and if she doesnt want to be a "ho" then maybe she should have more self control. (sorry my comments so long, and i seriously Love your review)


ha sorry the first part if my other comment was went for "untamed"

Lover of this series!

You people are JERKS! That review was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! I love that series SO much! I think the story line is good and everything! Your just trying to make people laugh. Well, I'm NOT laughing. So shut UP! I was looking on the internet to try and read this book online and I found this sorry thing of a "review". You even wrote it to "zoey" Im in 6th grade and I know zoey doesn't eggzist. I could write a better review on this book. All my friends LOVE this series! If you hate this series your a freakin' douche bag!!!!!!!!!!!

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