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16 March 2009


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I just finished this on Saturday and enjoyed it, although I thought the ending was pretty abrupt too.

Little Willow

Loved the book - that, combined with Justina's geocaching posts + readergirlz geocaching videos made me want to go geocaching too.


I picked up the book yesterday (finally!) after reading your review ages ago, and I just now finished reading it. I lurrrrved it! I agree with your assessment of the dad. When I was reading some of his snipes, I found myself crinkling the pages of the book in anger. Yikes! I too wanted more with Jacob and Terra at the end, but I think that was because I so enjoyed reading the interactions between them and was so invested in the characters and their relationship. Anyway, thanks for the recommendation. I always enjoy reading your blog, and I will definitely have to get JCH's other books. ^_^


loveeeed. though its only a random young adult novel, it changed the way i look at some things. in its own way, its a thinker. weirddd
but i agree, the end was odd. it was as if it ended for the pupose of having a sequel. i wanted to know more about her relationship with jacob. ahhhh


i just finished this book and i loved it. Im admitting im only 11 and this book made me feel so good about myself i truly built up hate towards her father and erik and merc reminded me of my own brother abd im dieing to have a sequel for it because i would love to know how her relationship with jacob and college turn out for her


This was an okay book. i actually wanted to jump in the book and punch her dad at times. usually, i prefer different books such as "The Clique" and "Nancy Drew"'s. But whatever(: i liked it 100% did u???

Mrs. Bieber

Loved it, want more.....

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