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10 March 2009


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I love Faerie Tale Theatre!! I got the entire set when I was in high school. The acting can be pretty wretched, but those fairy tales are such a comfort and it's nice to see them in a new light.


I watched the FTT movies so often as a kid, that going back and watching them as an adult, I find myself remembering lines, costumes, random details. I'm pretty sure I could recite the trailer. I was always fascinated by the turnip (?) that the soldier eats - I had no idea what it was and it looked so tasty. I think The Princess and the Pea is my favorite, though. Um, oh right - the book looks fun!


I just picked this up from the library TODAY and I can't wait to et started on it.

Kelly Fineman

I'm on page 164 of this one right now, and enjoying it a lot.


Nice cover!


Have you read Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow? It's a retelling of East of the Sun, West of the Moon by the same author.


Maybe you already know this, but Robin McKinley has a retelling of the story too -- only I can't remember the title right now.

Taylor Swift

I saw this book at the library and thought that looks like a very good book. I picked it up and started reading it and like couldn't stop. The derss and the girl both look breathtaking.

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