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30 March 2009


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The trailer I saw for WtWTA looked more like an Arcade Fire video. I suppose that is due to the Arcade Fire-ish music that was playing during it. I will likely see it though because, hey, it was a great book! And the Wild Things look spot on!

Hated the first episode of Dollhouse as well. But kept watching because I love Joss Whedon. Missed episode 2 and, um, whatever the one before last was. Of course I happened to have missed the episodes where something happened. I still don't know what I think. I am bored with Eliza Dushku which is sad because I like her. I shall continue to watch if only because it gives me something to do on a Friday night. ;)


The Where the Wild Things Are trailer looks wonderful and I'm really looking forward to it. Like you, I started crying when I saw it, maybe because they kept so close to the looks of the book, maybe it was the song, maybe it was just everything together...

Dollhouse really grows on you. I thought the last episode less creative than the previous ones, but despite the cheap way to get there, there were some interesting revelations. Altogether, I have high hopes for this show, although it will need time to develop a little more and get more confident.

Brian F.

I'm going to hell because the trailer does NOTHING for me. I'm interested in the movie and I think it'll be great but for some reason, I'm not connecting with the trailer.

I'm enjoying DOLLHOUSE (I also haven't seen the latest ep yet). Here's the thing: Joss is a big picture guy. He likes to do his slow build. I didn't like the first season of BUFFY, the first few eps of FIREFLY...but both paid off if you stuck with it. (I never got into ANGEL... it seemed to me the most unfocused of his projects.) So I have faith (ha!) that DOLLHOUSE will do the same.

Really, he defies all logic when it comes to the entertainment biz. Conventional knowledge in the book world suggests that if you can't hook an agent or editor in your first few pages, you won't hook a reader and therefore the project loses appeal. This is, to a different degree, true of TV and movies too. Joss eschews this, choosing for a soft open that offers only tiny hints of something bigger to come. And when allowed to come to fruition, the pay off is usually worth it.

I will say this: I'm enjoying DOLLHOUSE but I'm curious where it might go if it does find its legs. Right now, it appears to me it might have worked better as a limited series with a definitive beginning, middle, and end. I'm not sure how the conceit will hold up. But I'll keep watching.


I have faith in Dollhouse. I stuck with it through the first few crappy episodes, and it seems to be getting better, and shedding a little bit of its Fox influence. I also enjoy watching Emma's Jane Fairfax being evil.


I am looking forward to wtwta, and I did not grow up with the book.

Re Dollhouse, I was intrigued from the start, with the notions of self theme front and center. I think some hints of future twists, or rather the major points of the show, are very interesting. Read a review at the Atlantic, via feministing.com, and I have to say I thought I watched a completely different show. For example, I think the episode like The Most Dangerous Game had much more going on. That mysterious deadly alpha, what's his real purpose. That episode only appeared to be about the most dangerous game. It was more about breaking Echo's tabula rasa.

Folks can see missed episodes at hulu.

Maureen E

Haven't actually watched the trailer yet. Dollhouse...I tried the first two episodes and haven't really gone back. But it's not because I think it's evil and terrible. Actually, despite Eliza Dushku's (spelling?) billing, I find myself thinking of Boyd and Paul Ballard as the real main characters of the show. Again, haven't seen recent episodes, so I don't know how everyone is developing.


Dollhouse is one of those shows I keep watching despite thinking it's really pretty dumb. I have almost zero interest in it, but something about it makes me pull it up on hulu every week. It's certainly not Eliza Dushku.

The thing is, I can't see how this show can have any longeivity. It seems to be telling one story that could easily wrap up in half a season. What happens after that? Is Joss assuming his show will be canceled and trying to wrap up his story line in as few episodes as possible? Or does he actually have a more complicated plot in mind that he'll bring out when he gets word the show has been renewed?


Dollhouse was bad the first few episodes, barely tolerable the next few, and didn't actually get good until the last two, starting with episode six - like everyone kept telling us (and by everyone, I mean of course Joss and Eliza). The last two were both fun and intriguing, and the upcoming ones promise to be more of the same. The thing that happened, I think, is that the show was conceived of as what it has been for the past two weeks, but someone it got stuck in being a series of 'engagement of the week' episodes which were slightly entertaining, but not enough, but now the show is dipping more into an exploration of what the Dollhouse is and how it works, which is why everyone (it seems) was interested in the show to begin with.


Good call, Cat! The WTWTA song was by Arcade Fire--an alternate take of "Wake Up"--lyrics are perfect! "Someone filled my heart with nothing/ Told me not to cry." And yeah, I was getting all verklempt.


I am very much looking forward to WtWTA.

The term "game-changer" has become ridiculously overused as of late, so when people started saying that about the "Man on the Street" episode of Dollhouse, I didn't really think anything about it, but man - what a game-changer! Honestly, the difference in quality between the first five episodes and the last two almost makes it feel like two different shows. It finally feels like Joss now.


I'm late to commenting, but just had to say, I found that I was misting up a bit when I watched the WtWTA trailer, too. I was glad to see that the wild things looked like they are supposed to look and not like cgi blobs.

Dollhouse is growing on me, too. I have faith (heh, no pun intended) in Joss and Eliza. I just hope it doesn't get cancelled before it gets somewhere really good.

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