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03 March 2009


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I definitely agree with you about the cover. She specifically says she doesn't own jewelry and never wears her hair down! Bah!


I'm DYING to get my hands on a copy of this. I love Elizabeth Scott.


Oh, I don't know what to do. I loved Bloom. After reading it, I thought Elizabeth Scott would be up there with my all-time favorite authors. But I hated Perfect You and Stealing Heaven. Didn't bother to read Living Dead Girl. I've been going back and forth with Something, Maybe, ultimately deciding to wait for the paperback. But I keep reading about Finn and now I just want to meet him already.


Alea: Right? And she wouldn't be wearing something that showed so much skin, either.

Janssen: Yes.

LauraJane: That's a hard one. I loved Bloom, liked Perfect You a whole lot, enjoyed Stealing Heaven pretty well and have mixed-at-best feelings about Living Dead Girl. I think this one'll be squarely in second place for me -- so I don't know where it would fall for you. But I do think that Finn will be irresistible, regardless of how the rest of the book works for you.


Must you torture me? I'm trying to be fiscally responsible!
I can't wait for this to come out.
Have you finished "Princess of the Midnight Ball" yet? You're the only other person I "know" who's read it.


I've been waiting for your review ever since you teased us...alas, I'm busy w/school, so it'll be put on the list for a summer interlibrary loan. Which is enough to keep me happy for now.


I'm super-excited for this one. Sweet Elizabeth Scott? Heck yeah!


Eeek! I want this book so bad - pleaseplease let it be released in Australia! Also: love your review. Your gushing is so cute.


FYI, when this comes out in paperback, the publishers will probably contact you for a blurb. "Also, he would HATE Edward Cullen" is the kind of praise that sells to millions.


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