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31 March 2009


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Brian F.

Do you like the cover? It does nothing for me. I wouldn't have picked it up based on that alone. But I like the idea that the word zombie is never used. That's what I liked about MY SWORDHAND IS SINGING; I'm not sure 'vampire' crops up even once in the text but you know what's going on.

I'm interested in reading the faerie-dystopian book (what's it called?...BONES OF FAERIE?). That sounded intriguing. Just when I thought I was all faerie'd out, I might be able to handle a new take on the oeuvre.


Thanks for the review. I'm glad I read it (except the spoilery part). After I purchased this one a few bad reviews popped up at various blogs and put it at the bottom of my TBR pile.


I thought this story was good. My only problem with the story was that you wanted to knock the main character up side the head a couple of times. I also felt it was more fiction lit. than horror. I can't wait to read her second book.

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