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12 March 2009


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I'm glad you posted this! I haven't read it (so I guess that makes me behind you! *smile*) nor had I even heard of it. You might be asking what rock I climbed under, huh?

Having just finished Never Let Me Go, I think that this one sounds very complimentary.

Thanks again and happy reading.


I really enjoyed it as well, and I usually don't go for science fiction. In fact, I liked it so much I want to get my own copy. Most books I read are from the library. I read them once, return them and never read them again. Unwind stands to be an exception.


After finishing this book I woke up for several nights in a row with that "unwind" scene in my head. I don't think I'll ever hear "it's nothing to worry about" again without getting big time heebie-jeebies. But yeah, this was an amazing book.

Sarah I.

Whoa, sounds freaky. TBR pile grows ever larger. Far change of my library getting it any time soon so I'll be forever behind you, but someday...! :) Thanks for the review.


Wow! That sounds amazing. I doubt my library will have it but I bet one in the area will (I.L.L. time!!)- that was a really great review!!


This sounds really cool and freaky. Shades of that Twilight Zone ep, I Sing the Body Electric, where they dismantle the robot bodies to make new robots when they're done with them. And also of Logan's Run.


I agree that it's a great book. Maybe there's some of the flavor of I Sing the Body Electric or Logan's Run (or The Island), but it's not like any other book I've read. My kids and I want to buy a copy and get my husband, who doesn't frequently read YA fiction, to read it so we can talk about it some more.


Awesome book, especially the "unwinding scene". I agree with Afton - it's haunting. I have kids at the library who check it out over and over again.


I am one of those fews who are more far behind than you and I admit, I havent heard of this book until now.

Your review got me hooked! I am soooooooooo going to read this!!

Totally adore your blog!


This is one of my favorite YA books out there. I too, had the unwind scene stuck in my head for weeks after reading it. I also kept re-reading it. Shusterman almost always has that effect on me. This is his best work, in my opinion, but you can take almost every book out there of his, and you'll be thinking of at least a little part of it for a long while.


I remember reading this about a year ago: I intended to start a bit of it fairly late at night, and planned to finish it the next day. Instead, I found myself glued to it all night. And then unable to sleep.


Rowans unwinding was very sad. The super tough guy couldn't even fight back. When I think of the book I start hearing semi-charmed life by third eye blind

Faithful Reader in Canada

Thank you thank you thank you thank you for posting a review on this book. I read it, was intrigued and placed a hold on a library copy. Just finished reading it (read the whole thing in day and a half!) and it blew me away. So thanks!


I was recommended this book by my old language arts teacher, and she told me her husband was now reading it and it was VERY VERY GOOD. I am excited to start it because ever since the first google search I've done, this book has gotten nothing but good reviews. Thanks!


havent read it yet... but i cant wait. it sounds really cool =)

Maya Cooke

This was the greatest book I have ever read. i think that they should make a movie out of it! i love it, it is now my favorite book! Neal Shusterman did a great jod with really making us see the main idea with the characters.
Connor sounds kinda cute xD once again, best book EVER!!!!!!!!


ok i honestly hate reading, but my girl friend made me read this book and i loved it. the scene with Roland at the harvest camp i couldnt stop thinking about for days. and the way everything is portrayed it seems realistic, truly a great book


I came to this review (how did I miss it before?) from your recent Mockingjay rejoinder. This sounds like a jacked-up version of Julian F. Thompson's The Grounding of Group 6, which, if I could read it again (out of print, I think), might be a bit dated, but is still one of my favorite books. So now this one is officially on my list and in my cart. (Thanks, Amazon Affiliate!)

bill tomson

it was the bast book i have ever read.

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