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06 April 2009


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Ah yes, the old Her Grief Has Also Been Affecting Her Ability to Keep Food Down Syndrome, with a side of motion sickness. Can't imagine where THAT one's going in, say, seven or eight months . . .


Lol. I agree with it all. So now I want to know how do you think it's going to play out?


I can't help it either. Love 'em.


irrelevant, but:
i didn't know where else to post this, and i KNOW you'll enjoy this.

Keeping it Anon

I haven't been able to bring myself to read this one, though I ate the first two up like candy -- until the second became a wallbanger for me.

Let's see: "I'll marry this evil bitch who I don't like at all because she's saying that if I don't she'll let everyone know I've been sleeping with my True Love and that will ruin my True Love. Never mind the fact that if I just up and marry my True Love, which we both want to do, her reputation will NOT be ruined, AND I've also been sleeping with the evil bitch, so I could very easily tell her I'll ruin HER reputation if she tries to ruin my True Love's."

Henry -- you're TSTL.


Ah, but don't forget the "I'm Also Being Pressured By My Aspiring Mayor Father To Marry Money And It Would Look Exceedingly Bad For the Campaign If I Married My Pretendy-Dead-Fiancee's Genteely Poor Sister".

So there's that. But you're right that he could've turned it around on Penelope. Rats. I don't think our Henry is too bright. All of the drinking may have dulled his conniving skills.

If you liked the first two (minus Herny's TSTLness), I'd suggest that you go ahead and read the third. And just think: there's only one more planned, so there'll actually be an ending, rather than endless recycling of the same issues over and over and over again, a la (my beloved) Days!

Still keeping it anon

Yeah, but the Dad was totally pressuring him to marry the Pretendy Dead Genteely Poor Original Fiancee and DIDN'T want him marrying nouveau riche and trashy Penelope. Wouldn't it have been even BETTER for Daddy's political career if he'd gone off with the Other Sister?

I just don't get what the scandal of that would have been. I can make up a newspaper headline for that right now: "Couple Bonds Over Death of Beloved Sister/Bride."

"I think Elizabeth would be happy, knowing we've found each other," said the new Mrs. Schoonmaker, who, in keeping with mourning for her sister, wore a fetching black suit rather than the traditional bridal white, "and that neither of us have to be alone anymore."

גני אירועים

This is a young adult novel, but effective enough for those of all ages who enjoy seeing the lives of other people in secret. Think of it like Gossip Girl for the game of historical fiction, and has a good sense of fun and drama involved. I am looking forward to the third installment of envy.

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