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03 April 2009


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Levi Stahl

Oh, if you've not read Block, you've got a great run of books ahead of you. Grifter's Game is one of his best--the ending is about as dark as noir gets--but all the Hard Case titles by him are worth reading, and his Matthew Scudder series is also well worth checking out. Enjoy!

And a second to the Hard Case Crime subscription: it's such a pleasure getting that box in the mail every month!


We brought a lot of paperbacks with us on our trip and among them were a few of Block's Burglar books; Mali'd never read them before and she kept reading paragraphs to me (even though she knew I'd read them several times). He's *really* good.


Also? That original cover? Rules.


Awesome! I've read a bunch of his stuff, but hadn't seen this one before. thanks.


I have always thought that Lawrence Block was cool. When I was a young girl I used to read Writer's Digest and I remembered some of the articles he wrote. He has written screen/tv plays, books for writers, articles, books etc...He can end a story on a twist that you will never see coming. He is still alive and kicking. I would love to join that book club...can they be found on the internet? Cannot wait. Thanks for the blog. cat


Lawrence Block = best living American writer of mystery/crime/detective fiction! :)


One of my all time favorite stories is one of Westlake's in "Theives' Dozen" where Dortmunder accidentally crashes a poker game at Otto Penzler's house. One of the other guys is Block (there are a few more I recognized at the time but can't remember now.

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