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01 April 2009


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Having grown up in the deep south, I am able to identify her cover expression. It says, "If I move my face even the tiniest bit, all these little beads of sweat on my forehead will break loose and form a highly unattractive drip-pattern on the front of my shirt.

I am ordering this book right now.


GREAT review! You just convinced me to add this to my wishlist. :-)

R.J. Anderson

I am so glad to see this review, because I completely adore Saundra's writing and this book blew me away.


i have to admit - one of the reasons why i haven't read this book yet is because of the cover. covers that utilize people's faces really need to "give good face," to lamely quote madonna.

i will be adding to my TBR list.


Since your scathing (and hilarious) review of the lastest House of Night book (amidst everyone else's fawning shite) I've come to see that you have plenty of integrity and a lot of insight when it comes to reviews. The cover of Shadowed Summer really put me off, but reading the above makes me very curious.

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