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13 April 2009


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Have you read Pish Posh by Ellen Potter? I am also a huge fan of Olivia Kidney and I wasn't sure another character could match her but I really enjoyed Pish Posh. Clara is great and I hope Ellen writes more books for her.

Looking forward to Slob as well!


Pish Posh is the only one I haven't read yet -- I'm going to check the library today to see if we have it.


I want to read this now- I've read all the Olivia Kidney books and I loved them. Must read Pish Posh as well. And there, now my to-be-read list is exactly one hundred books long. Hurrah.


I came over here to comment on another post from you that I read in Reader, only to find that its not here. Not sure what that means.

My comment was that, yes, geocaching is addicting, though I've learned that I can't do more than 4 a day (unless they're super simple) or my brain gets full. And only 2 if they involve hiking.


Ha! I'm i the middle of this book and llllloooooooovvvveeeeeee it!

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