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15 April 2009


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I guess it was only one small step after the bookcase dollhouse.


The level of coolness here has shot through the skylights. I WANT THIS. Seriously. You could dust your final resting place for YEARS before getting it really dirty...


I've got mixed feelings over this. I mean it would be cool to rest forever in the place I stored my books, but I'm not sure I'd want to look at my coffin every day while I'm still alive.


That is really bizarre, because this one was just posted at the Bookshelf blog. My reaction to both is "Gah!!"


If this was a way to take your library with you it would make some sense, but as the concept stands, it only gives your grieving left-behinds another headache. Now that you have passed on and comandeered the bookshelf, they will have to find another set of shelves to keep the books they inherited from you. Not very practical or thoughtful IMO.


I love it. And as for having to look at your coffin every day -- well, memento mori is not such a bad concept, really.

Nic Dempsey

Also a handy way of moving your books, fold in half and carry...

dulce Barahona

why? why why why?


Having to buy a coffin is one of the most difficult (and usually needlessly expensive) parts of dealing with a loved one's death. This would save your loved ones that hassle. I so want one of these.

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