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18 May 2009


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Huh. I've seen this one, but haven't yet had time to pick it up -- okay, I'm lying. I've been kind of scared, because of the title. I always worry what people think (stupid, I know) of an African American chick in a very white British library picking up Diary of a Chav. Um? But, I'll check it out.


Thank you for this--I keep seeing the book in Sainsbury's (no, really) and now I know to pick it up next time!

Maureen E

Is it wrong that I heard this: "It's a bruv who wears crap clothing and manky gold jewelry, innit?" in Mickey from Doctor Who's voice? Well, I guess I can't help it if it's wrong. Because I did.


Oh! I love Shiraz. And Grace Dent! The books are so distinctive looking that it was odd to see that cover at first. I was wondering how the slang would translate. Was it really odd?

Anyway, I was really cautious about this book but the Hodder rep kept telling me to read it because it was hilaaaarious. Eventually (18 months later) I did. Hurrah!

Also, tanita, they would think you were a woman of discerning taste. I hope! Read it!

Sorry for the excess exclamation marks, got a bit excited.


I liked this book, but I didn't like how she kept trying to like defend herself. She kept saying that it was stereotypical that people called her a chav... But it's not stereotypical if that's the truth!!! She IS a chav!!! Everything about her is chavvy: the sweatsuits, hoop earrings, dates at McDonald's/BK, sneakers, the way she talks ("innit," "alright?," "proper mad," etc..).


hey . the first book it trainers vs. tiaras init , thts wear she gets the diary for christmas, i got it hear and it ses tht :S

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I like the book, quite constructive. But she should learn how to admite when she is negatively wrong and stop being very defensive of herself. After all, no one is perfect

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