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11 May 2009


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Brian F.

I'm still approaching this with apprehension....


Yup. Was awesome.


Also loved it way more than I thought I would, but the end was slightly ruined by the fact that the only thing I could think of was "Hello, my name is James T. Kirk. You killed my father, prepare to die."

R.J. Anderson

LOL, that was totally me after the movie as well.


It took a while for the "I'm a doctor, not a ..." line, didn't it? I loved it, and yeah, the young guy got some of Shatner's mannerisms worked in there at the end!

Electric Landlady

Heee! I loved it too. And yes, speaking as one who has seen quite a lot of Karl Urban movies, I had no idea he could be funny!


I loved it so much! As soon as it was over, I asked my nerdy husband when the sequel would come out!!


Yeah...I spent half the movie jumping up and down, then came home and decided that I needed to watch Wrath of Khan.


Yes! It was amazingly entertaining! (Hi, by the way, I'm de-lurking). I told my husband that I want to go to the Starfleet Academy. I can't wait to re-watch the old movies and see this one again soon!

Eva Mitnick

Whew, yeah! And now, thanks to this movie, my doomed Spock Love have been passed to the next generation - (my 14-year-old daughter kept moaning with helpless adoration - but did insist that he'd have to lose the haircut. Now.) http://evasbookaddiction.blogspot.com/2009/05/spock-licious.html


you are so cute!

I've been wondering about Sylar.

and the red shirt.

I am going later this month.

Melissa (Book Nut)

Yup. Me, too.

Fuse #8

My husband didn't get the red shirt bit until I told him about it on the way home. I'm feeling smug.


hahahaha! That was a great recap. lol

I really liked this movie! I saw it last night. :)

Adam W.

Your poor husband? How about the other guy who had to sit next to you. ;)

Just kidding, it was very entertaining - that's one I'll want on Blu-Ray. :D


I wanted to pinch Chekhov's cheeks and bake him cookies. Seriously.

I went home and spent the next couple of hours reading other people's responses to the new shiny characters as opposed to the old characters. The next day, when my significant other asked out loud about how much dang emoting the new Spock did, I proceeded to contrast and compare the concept of Spock's emotion over many many episodes that were his everyday life to the fact that we sort of saw the most pivotal moments in Spockland during the movie. Which gives a guy a reason to break his usually crisp facade. I ended my several minutes long recap, and my boyfriend stared at me in awe. At which point I buried my face in my pillow and yelled "I'm such a dork." But he loved it.


Oh, yaaaaah! I'm so glad it's awesome! Cannot WAIT 'til it gets here!!!!!!!


I think McCoy made the movie for me, as he was remarkably wondrous.

Arlene Allen

Oh count me in, me too, me too! Now my 15 year old lurves Spock and wants to go back and watch every Trek episode (but being a loving parent I'll spare her Voyager, Enterprise and lame episodes)! Very lovingly respectful to Rodenberry's vision. And Sarah, you cracked me up with your Princess Bride refrain!!

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the new star teck was a little bit of auto crazy right

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